Teacher Resources

ASD Structured Student Interview
Assessment Determination for child study
Assessments per disability
Attendance (excel)
Autism Rating Scale

Barton Level 1 Powerpoint
Barton Level 2 Powerpoint
Barton Level 3 Powerpoint
Barton Level 4 Powerpoint
Barton Reading Spelling Screener
Behavior PCA Students Billable Behavior
Behavior Students Billing Requirements
Behaviors Related to Autism Checklist
Bell Curve

Child Health and Developmental History
Community Based Learning Request
Compliance Check List IEP
Compliance Checklist Eval
Compliance Checklist IFSP
CPI Team Notes
Child Study Agenda
Curriculum Pilot Review

Data Sheets Checklist
Dibels PPT
Dot Card and Ten Frame Package
Due Process Substitute Request

Early Childhood Vision Observation and Interview Tool
ECSE Parent Interview Evaluation
ECSE Part B Post Referral Actions
ECSE Part C and B Referrals Under 3
Elementary Skills Checklist

Eligibility for Free Reduced Meals
Eligibility Requirements for MTAS
ESY Attendance
ESY Documentation
Evaluation Activities Checklist
Fastbridge Benchmarks aMath
Fastbridge Benchmarks aReading
Fastbridge Benchmarks CBM

Federal Settings Per District
Federal Settings With HK-1

Fernbrook Authorization Release Of Information
Fernbrook CTSS Referral Form
Functional Academic Skills Checklist

Functional Academic Skills Checklist - Template
Functional Behavioral Assessment
Goal Writing Tutorial Early Childhood
Goal Writing Tutorial K-12
Great Math Internet Sources
How to do a screen shot
How to Use Snipping Tool
IEP Tracking Tool
Incorporating CTSS Services into the IEP

Information Processing Grid
Information Processing Student
Information Processing Teacher
Initial evaluation plan p.2 examples
Initial Para Training Checklist
Initial Parent Interview EBD LD AT
Initial Parent Interview LD AT
Instructions for Uploading a Form to a Students History
IXL Login

Language! Books A-F Templates
Language Placement Student Edition
Language Placement Teacher Edition
Level 1 Behaviors
Licensure coverage for IEP
LRE Sample
MA Billing Training Power Point
Math Talk Cards
Mentoring Checklist
MSHS Skills Checklist

Mower County Mental Health Referral
Mower County Resource List

Mower Co Resource List Spanish
Next Step Referral
New Referral Tip Sheet

New Staff  Monthly Collaboration
Number Sense Blacklines
Number Talks Dot Cards
NWEA Grade Level Equivalent
OT And Speech Services Time Tracking

Organizational & Independent Work Skills - Elementary

Organizational Skills - Prek Kindergarten

Organizational Skills - TEMPLATE

Organizational & independent Work Skills - MS HS
Paraprofessional Training Checklist
Parent Daily Communication Form
Parent Daily Zones of Regulation
PARS Monthly

PARS Monthly - How To Complete

PARS Semi Annual

PARS Semi Annual - How To Complete
PCA Care Plan for Evaluation
PCA Care Plan for IEP
PCA Daily Paperwork Template
PCA Paperwork Instructions
PCA Supervision Form ADLS
PCA Supervision Form Behavior
PCA Supervision Form Medication Administration
PCA Talking Points

PLAAFP Example
Placement Test Developing Number Sense
Placement Test Making Sense of Rational Numbers
Placement Test SRA Comprehension
Placement Test SRA Decoding
Placement Test SRA Instructions for Comprehension
Placement Test SRA Instructions for Decoding
Placement Test SRA Using Algebraic Expressions
PLEP Teacher Interview
Postsecondary Resource Guide
PreK and Kindergarten Observation Form

PreK Attendance Tracking
PWN Compliance Checklist
Reading Curriculum Options
Re-Evaluation Template
Re-Eval Data Collection Form
Re-Evaluation Home and Family Interview
Regression Table
Rekenrek Activities 2
Rekenrek Number Talks
Restrictive Procedures Plan
RTI and Cognitive Neuropsychology Brochure
Sample IEP Language for PCA Services
Service Provider Minutes Tracking Sheet - 50 sheets (excel)
SMEC Transition Flow Chart
Spanish AT Screener
Spanish LD EBD Parent Interview
Special Education Testing Powerpoint
SPED 1st day Quick Reference
SPED File Labels: BIP
SPED File Labels: Evaluation
SPED File Labels: Evaluation Plan
SPED File Labels: IEP
SPED File Labels: Progress Notes
SPED File Labels: SPED Folder Sign In Sheet Alden
SPED File Labels: SPED Folder Sign In Sheet Glenville
SPED File Labels: SPED Folder Sign In Sheet Grand Meadow
SPED File Labels: SPED Folder Sign In Sheet Kingsland
SPED File Labels: SPED Folder Sign In Sheet Leroy

SPED File Labels: SPED Folder Sign In Sheet Lyle

SPED File Labels: SPED Folder Sign In Sheet SMEC
SPED File Labels: SPED Folder Sign In Sheet Southland
SPED File Labels: Team Notice
SRA Presentation
SRA Reasoning and Writing
Step Up to Writing
Student Care Plan Blank
Student Health Disabilities Rating Scale
Student Incident Report

TAT Form
Teacher Interview
Teacher Schedule Template
Team Meeting Sign In Sheet
Ten Frame Activities for K-2
Ten Sigma Informal Assessment
Ten Sigma Rubrics
The Star Program
Time Study Original

Transition - Assessments for Resource Room Students

‚ÄčTransition - Career Clusters Interest Survey & Template (MS)

‚ÄčTransition - Future Planning Inventory  Evaluation Template

Transition - Future Planning Inventory

Transition - Initial Skills Student Self Assessment 

Transition - ONET Interest profiler HOW TO and Eval template

Transition - SMEC Assessment
Transportation Guidelines
Transportation Request Form
Transportation Responsibilities
Truancy Report for Case Managers

TSES Manual Alden Conger
TSES Manual Glenville Emmons
TSES Manual Grand Meadow
TSES Manual Kingsland
TSES Manual Leroy Ostrander
TSES Manual Lyle
TSES Manual Southland
Under 18 ADLs
Vehicle Incident Report
Vehicle Pre Trip Inspection

Visitor Guidelines
Vmath C Module 1 and 2
Vmath C Module 4 and 5
Vmath C Module 5 through 7
Vmath C Module 7 and 8
Vmath D Module 1
Vmath D Module 2
Vmath D Module 3
Vmath D Module 4
Vmath D Module 5 (1)
Vmath D Module 5 (2)
Vmath D Module 6
Vmath D Module 7 (1)
Vmath D Module 7 (2)
Vmath D Module 8
Vmath E Module 1 (1)
Vmath E Module 1 (2)
Vmath E Module 2 (1)
Vmath E Module 2 (2)
Vmath E Module 3 (1)
Vmath E Module 3 (2)
Vmath E Module 4 (1)
Vmath E Module 4 (2)
Vmath E Module 5 (1)
Vmath E Module 5 (2)
Vmath E Module 6
Vmath E Module 7
Vmath E Module 8
Vmath Level C Placement Test
Vmath Level D Placement Test
Vmath Level E Placement Test
Vmath Level F Placement Test
Work Based Learning Brochure EMPLOYER
Work Based Learning Brochure STUDENT