Occupational & Physical Therapy

Occupational Therapists works as part of the educational team to support children from ages birth to 21 with behavior, fine motor, visual perception, and sensory challenges by helping the child to improve self-care, play and functional motor skills to be able to successful participate in their learning environments at home and at school.


School Services Provided by Occupational Therapy:

Evaluating, consulting and providing therapeutic activities to improve:

  • Fine motor skills:  in areas such as precision finger control, in-hand manipulation, individual finger movement, finger strength and hand strength to support school activities such as cutting, coloring and writing activities.
  • Visual Motor skills:  assist the student in interpreting visual information and coordinating visual and motor skills and eye-hand coordination.
  • Self-care skills: Improve motor skills to complete self-care skills such as feeding, dressing to increase independence
  • Classroom positioning and adaptations
  • Equipment modifications and recommendations
  • Sensory motor skills necessary for participation in an educational program

Please contact the SMEC office for more information: 507-857-1160 or smecoffice@smec.k12.mn.us