Welcome to the SMEC ALC!
Some of you may recognize me as a familiar face at SMEC, as I have recently returned to teach the ALC math courses and special education. My familiarity with SMEC comes from my time working in the SMEC office as a Human Resources Assistant and a Substitute Teacher. I have extensive experience working in the fields of mental health, child welfare, and special education, and I am excited to share those experiences with all of my students, their families, and my team!

My spare time is spent at home with my fiance and our 2 daughters. We have a dog named Greta who enjoys sleeping, eating expensive dog food, eating expensive human food, and the occasional stroll around town to chase the squirrels and rabbits. We spend a significant amount of time with our families, including our parents, siblings, and nieces/nephews. As a family, we also enjoy football season (SKOL Vikings! annnd Go Ohio State Buckeyes!), summer swimming at the family farm, and the Steele County Fair! 

I believe that a child learns best when they feel welcome, accepted, respected, and heard, and I hope to make my classroom and the SMEC ALC an environment that reflects those beliefs. 

If you have any questions about my class or your student's learning, or you need additional resources, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to being part of your student's journey.

Ashley Rye
ALC/Special Education Teacher
Email: arye@smec.k12.mn.us
Google Voice Call/Text: 507-414-7531


Contact: Ashley Rye